Our Tips To Make Your Offer Stand Out When Buying A House in Virginia

Are you in the market to buy a house in Virginia, but tired of missing out on homes because other buyers outbid you? This is a must read for you…Buying a house in Virginia needs to be done with a professional to prevent you from losing the home of your dreams.

With home prices still slightly increasing and inventory still below demand, sellers are still in the driver’s seat. So when you find that home you love and it’s within your price range, you’ll likely be bidding against several other buyers. And that means you have to find a way to make your offer more noticeable and more attractive than all those other offers. Find out how to do that with these tips to make your offer stand out when buying a house in Virginia.

Get Pre-Approved

Pre-approval is simply a lender’s approval after you’ve submitted all your financial information, for a mortgage loan of a certain amount. With-approval, if nothing changes in your financial situation, it’s almost certain you can get the loan needed for buying a house inVirginia. And that’s why it can make your offer stand out. Are you confident in your lender? If not, contact us today to get you connected with the industries best in Virginia today.

In a seller’s market where a property often has several offers coming in, your pre-approval letter can dramatically increase your chances of having your offer accepted. The seller will know that you can get the financing, and you will be seen as a serious buyer. Sellers typically skip over buyers who might not be able to get financing.

Make a Competitive Offer

Another way to make your offer stand out when buying a house in Virginia is to make a competitive offer. More often than not, though, this requires the expertise of a good local real estate agent.

A competitive offer is one that falls in line with fair market value. You want to start strong, but still need to keep market value in mind. Your agent can perform a comparative market analysis to determine that fair market value and can then advise you on how to proceed.

To find out more about making a competitive offer, just call 703-782-4422.

Offer More Earnest Money

To be seen as a serious buyer and to really make your offer stand out when buying a house in Virginia, you can increase the earnest money. This is money paid at the time of offer – usually, a flat amount that works out to about 1% to 3% of the purchase price – with the purpose of protecting a seller from a buyer who makes too many offers. Earnest money also positions you as a serious buyer who is in earnest about buying the home. And if you back out of the deal without good reason, you will likely lose that money.

Offering more earnest money, though, carries little risk if you really are a serious buyer. For when the buyer accepts your stand-out offer, the money goes toward the purchase price. To find out how an agent can help you with this earnest-money offer, call 703-782-4422.

Buying a house in Virginia
Buying a house in Virginia

Go Easy on Contingencies

Contingencies provide buyers a way to address unforeseen issues that may arise, such as the buyer’s inability to get financing or problems discovered by the inspection. Contingencies are a typical part of the process but can prolong negotiations.

So, in order to make your offer stand out when buying a house in Virginia, don’t go overboard with contingencies, as many buyers are prone to do. Yes, go for necessary and reasonable contingencies. But ask for as few as possible in order not to create additional problems for the seller.

Consider an Escalation Clause

An escalation clause provides you a way to automatically increase your offer up to a set amount if needed. This can be a valuable way of making a stand-out offer for buying a house in Virginia when pre-approval, a competitive offer, more earnest money, and few contingencies just aren’t enough.

An escalation clause does carry some risk, though, because it may allow the seller to know that you are willing to pay quite a bit more than you first offered. The key here is to work with an agent to reduce that risk and make this an effective strategy.

Use an Experienced Local Agent

It should be obvious that all these tips and strategies almost require the assistance and expertise of a qualified local real estate agent. Using a good agent just may be the best way to make your offer stand out when buying a house in Virginia. Find out today how our agents can help you make that winning bid. Send us a message or give us a call at 703-782-4422.

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