What You Should Know About Buying a New Construction Home in Woodbridge

With the inventory of existing homes still low, more and more people are buying a new construction home in Woodbridge. If it’s within your budget, a brand-spanking-new home – one that has never been lived in by anyone else before – can be a good and delightful option. Another plus of new construction is that … Continued

6 Things You Should Ignore When Buying a Home in Woodbridge

Endless articles have been written about what you should notice when buying a home in Woodbridge, and just as many have been written about things that should be red flags. But what about things you can or should ignore? There are such things – some aren’t as big as they seem and others are just … Continued

5 Ways Woodbridge Investors Can Compete With Other Cash Buyers

Buying investment property is very often a tougher row to hoe than buying a house to live in. This is especially the case when you’re competing against other cash buyers who may have deeper pockets. Still, you can compete with other cash buyers because a cash offer is not the only thing sellers consider. So if … Continued

Renting a House in Woodbridge? 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Instead

Renting a house in Woodbridge certainly has more than a few upsides. You won’t be, for example, locked into mortgage payments for the next thirty years, and you can move just about anytime you want. But renting has downsides, too. In fact, for most people, buying is much better in several ways than renting. So, … Continued

5 Things That Affect Your Property Value in Woodbridge

Whether you’re the average homeowner looking to put your property on the market or a professional investor, it’s good to know what determines how much your home is worth. In order to better understand how everything comes together, here are 5 things that affect your property value in Woodbridge. Location and Neighborhood As you have … Continued